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Busca una pareja / Looking for a Partner / Cerca un partner

Escribe un mail a ..... con tus datos personales y la informacion de tu busqueda de partner. Despues nosotros lo publicaremos en esta pagina

Write an email to ..... with your personal details and information of your partner search. Then we'll publish it on this page

Scrivi una mail a ..... con i tuoi dati personali e le informazioni della vostra ricerca di partner. Poi noi lo pubblicheremo su questa pagina

1) My name is Stefan and i'm a 38 Tanguero from Luzern, Switzerland dancing tango since 4 Years. Im Looking for a partner for the festival to do some classes and maybe meet at the Milonga afterwards. My nivel is inbetween intermediate and advanced and i would say i'm a quick-learner..:) I'm able to communicate in german, english, french and a bit in italian and spanish.

I'm mostly interested in the following courses but i'm open-minded if you have other ideas...:)
- Ws: 2, and another one
- Ws: 6, maybe 8
- Ws: one or two of the ws on friday
- ws: 14 and 16

Who will join me? I'm looking forward to meet you! :)